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Classic Tartar Sauce 5 from 6 votes. Classic Tartar Sauce made with just a few ingredients and in just a few minutes, you'll free up space on your fridge door and never buy bottled sauce again! Ingredients 2 cups mayonnaise 2 tablespoons dill pickles minced 2 tablespoons pickle juice 2 tablespoons minced onion. Instructions Note: click on times in the instructions to start a kitchen timer while cooking.

Mix ingredients together in a small bowl. Made This Recipe? Send Me Recipes! Comments I add Mustard to mine. This is so creamy and looks like a delicious dip with any starters. Love the flavors to it. I like to add black pepper to it or depending on the dish pickled jalapeno. If stored properly, it should last up to two weeks in the refrigerator.

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Share this Article Like this article? They are super easy to make and can. These pickles also taste great as an addition to a quick meal of sandwiches. So pickles have a large place in my home. It looks so beautiful in the jar and it caught my eye because it looks tasty too.


Believe it or not, southerners have some staples in common like sweet tea but other things such as relish not so much. After 5 years in North Carolina, I am learning to embrace relish and have actually grown to love it. So having it canned and handy on my pantry shelf is a great bonus. My husband was raised here so he loves it. The first time I saw him pull Chow Chow out to add to his pintos, I had no idea what it was.

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Now, it is a common staple in my home. The fact that I can make it makes me like it all the more. I love to put spicy relishes on my hotdog so to me this would be an excellent hotdog relish. Relishes are super simple to can and add a little flare to any basic dish. Canning apples is another really easy idea for canning recipes. When you prepare your apples they will almost come out like fried apples.

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Since I am a huge fan of fried apples, you all know I love canning recipes for these. Keeping apples on the shelf is always an easy go-to treat that the whole family loves. Nothing beats homemade applesauce. My kids love and so do I. It is great to go with sandwiches for lunch or even a quick snack. One of the reasons I love homemade applesauce so much is because you can make it whatever texture you want.

Homemade apple juice is an awesome thing to have on hand. Because everyone loves it.

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You can save the juice in order to make apple jelly down the road, or you can save it for drinking. Fresh apple juice always tastes great as a cold treat on a hot day. Once you learn how to make the perfect pie crust , pies become a breeze to make. So the next time you are invited to a social gathering, take one of your homemade pies. People will think you are a whiz in the kitchen. And in reality, you are! You just think ahead of time.

You can use cherries in all kinds of desserts so why not can them. If you are like me and have a thing for cherries then you probably have quite a few cherry trees in your orchard. I know I do! So you have to do something with them all. I think they are one of the tastiest desserts out there, and they are so versatile. What is my favorite pie? Cherry, of course. Pineapples are actually a fruit that can be grown from its scraps. Since pineapples are so delicious, healthy, and can be included in so many dishes they are a great item to keep on your shelf.

It will save you money too. Peaches were one of the first items I started canning with. They are very easy to process and good for you too. What makes it even better is they are a healthy treat that I can constantly keep on my shelf. Beyond that, they can be transformed into peach jam or pie filling too. Well, speaking of pie filling here are great canning recipes to can your own. I know, crazy, right? So guess who spends a lot of time during the summer harvesting and canning peach pie filling? Give it a try, you might love peach pie too. The first time I heard you could can lemons I was amazed.

I had honestly never thought of it. However, if you like lemon in your tea then you must give this a try. I actually grow lemons, but you can buy them really cheap during the summer. Then you just take them home and can them. If you cook a lot then you probably like caramelized onions. They can really turn a dish into something spectacular.

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However, if you homestead you might not always have the most time on your hands to cook super fancy meals. Can your onions ahead of time and then dump them into your dish. We are garlic people. My husband loves garlic in anything he can convince me to put it on. So why not can your own? You can grow garlic yourself but even if you choose not to, you can buy it in bulk from produce wholesalers and still make your own. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

So if you are lucky enough to already have your rhubarb up and going.

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Or if you know where you can buy some super cheap then go for it. Mix it with your strawberries and make an amazing pie. Can some so you can have those same delicious pies in the colder months. Plums are a tasty yet often times forgotten fruit. I personally love them. I also grow them so I have to find a way to can them. Well, here it is. Part of the reason I love plums so much is not just for what you can make from them but how easy they are to grow. We started our orchard a few years back and our dwarf plum tree has done the best out of all of our other fruit trees. I make a lot of soups and most call for chicken stock.

Why go to the store and buy it, if I can make it? The taste is amazing and the savings make it that much better. It also helps you to not waste parts of the chicken if you butcher your own. It is just one more way to be frugal and make the most out of what you have. There, I admitted it.