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It had to make you feel some emotion. But his advice for anyone who writes is superb. Check him out that is.

Flash Fiction: Forbidden words E. Beaumont May 30, AM. Mark Baron May 30, PM. Loved this! Training was one of the toughest things he had ever done.


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Many mornings he was close to giving up. As time went on it got easier to get started and harder to keep up. Years later, when he crossed the finish line in Boston, his kids ran at his side. Not only had he not died, but he had re-discovered life. I put the bowling ball under my coat, and held it against my belly with one hand. We walked past the shoe counter and out onto Amsterdam Avenue.

I pulled the bowling ball out.

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We sped along the dried-out riverbed toward Pont-Jacques. We stopped once, to give ammo to some teenage girls. They were pretty.

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May 30, AM. Turbines yawned with the sputter of their last roar. Fleets of ships exploded in a hail of plasma fire.

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Behind them, the sun. Humans could never touch a Phlemgite. Her suit fell to the floor. She held her breath, a slimy tentacle in each hand. Naia May 30, AM.

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My father died twice today. I had just finished breakfast when his mother—my grandmother—called to deliver the news. Hours later my grandmother called back; they turned off the machines but he was still breathing. Hope—I was happy. I thought it was a miracle. Flash Fiction Challenge: Random Title! My lifetime of blisters, sprains, and callouses lead me to this dance, the solo to start my dreams coming true. The curtain rose to a full audience, my heart beating faster than their applause despite my stillness.

The music started and the theater shook, not with nerves, but a tremor. The quake intensified and the set collapsed beneath the swaying lights. Screams overtook what should have been my cheers as the stage crumbled beneath my feet. I had no life left. I am not in any sense of the word a nurturer I tend to act before I think, and seldom think before I speak. After all, what the hell can they do to me, send me to another hell hole?

Been there, done that. I knocked on the door. Jon Stoffel May 30, PM. Er, oops. Forgot to upload. But technically technically! I would like to know if the emotion comes through. He put his quivering hand beneath the table and used the other to push two hundred large to the center. Jake tossed his keys atop the money.

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I actually wrote 4 stories for this, but chose only one for entry. I choke on my tears as my father climbs into the car and engages the turn signal, climb backward in the seat, press my nose to glass. Breath fogs the window. Nanker Phelge May 31, AM. Mildred June 6, AM. The blue eyes of the young man shone with great pleasure as he read the letter. He could barely believe that his dream was coming true,that his perseverance had paid off.

It was his second time to apply to the school. Last year,the school had rejected him and he had been devastated. But he was a resilient individual with a singleness of purpose that bordered on the manic. So he applied again. Read our final choices below. Mavis took one end and I the other and together we carefully manoeuvred the old brass bed through the bedroom door and the open verandah doors.

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We lifted it over the balustrade into the hands of family waiting below. Carrying it over the lavender, under the low Albizia branches, then past the roses, they gently put it down in the middle of the freshly mown lawn. Chantelle carried out the cotton sheets, the embroidered pillows, and finally the multi-coloured blanket her great-grandmother had knitted for me.

Tonight, on her 90th birthday, my mother wants to sleep out under the stars. We thought it had strong visual impact thanks to the rich selection of words. It is a deserving winner. We met two weeks ago. The time had come. I took him by the hand and led him to my bedroom. There I proceeded to remove my clothes.

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Naked, I looked into his eyes and saw excitement and amusement. I moved towards the bed, slid under the covers, and patted the space beside me.

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He was gorgeous, tall, slim, and all male.