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In this way, both Maya and Molly had something in common. They both cared deeply about humans. Strangers Arrive: As Molly continued having the conversation with the newcomers, Maya observed both birds. She saw that the red bird had bright red feathers, with some black spots on them.

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He also had some black spots on his forehead. Obviously, they were both male birds because they both had thick voices and whiskers on their faces. The red bird had a long black tip on his tail. He looked stiff, with a small scar next to his sharp, long, curving beak. He had long feet with sharp toenails.

His voice was confident and very authoritative. Maya noticed that he had a peculiar habit of flicking his wings when he spoke. He appeared to be a little younger than her and very alert. He sat straight up. On the contrary, the black bird had black shiny feathers, with tiny red spots on it. He also had a long black tail, with a slight tint of red on the back part of it. His beak was large and curved. His body was plump, with square tipped nails and a long stretching neck.

His feet arrangement was strange, as well. They had two toes facing forward and two toes facing backward to give him a distinct appearance. Maya noticed that he also had a nervous habit of twitching his neck before he spoke. His body puffed up and his chest bulged forward to make him look bigger than he actually was. He also hopped nervously like a sparrow and walked on a branch like a Pipit when the red bird was speaking.

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Two strange looking birds, Maya thought. Clearly, the red bird is the leader, and the black bird is an associate. At first, they appeared to Maya as if they were cave birds. But upon a closer observation, she noticed that they both had shiny feathers. Therefore, she concluded that they must have come from the part of the world with lots of sunshine.

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They also appeared to be physically fit and strong, which made her think that they must have lived very chaotic lives. I believe that if we are capable of destroying, then we are also capable of protecting and saving the planet.

Black, our life is what we make it. Our life can be what we want it to be.

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Together, I am confident that we can achieve our objectives of peace and harmony. Violence and hate only provoke more violence and hatred, Mr. We must not hide our true selves of peace-loving and nature-loving creatures of this planet. Because of you and Mr.


Red, I have a new vision today, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. We are the children of this world and we must live in harmony with each other. He believes that every child has a potential to revolutionize the world in a constructive way and mentoring them possess a key to our successful future. Birds Chasing Hope.

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Ashish Modi. When a group of angry foreign birds demand that Maya and her friends participate in their evil plots of revenge and destruction against humans by exploiting their weaknesses, Maya and her friends quickly realize that if they dont think of an alternative plan, the entire world will be destroyed.

Maya and her friends utilize their lifelong experiences to come up with an alternative plan by learning from humans strength and ingenuity. With that, they not only convince foreign birds but also the entire animal kingdom to participate in their new vision. Why were these doves white?

Because white symbolizes peace, purity, serenity, and other good stuff. But here's the thing: There are no pure-white doves in the natural world. The ones that were released were the result of hundreds of years of domestication and breeding, creating these freakishly white birds for use as pets, and for release at weddings and other ceremonies. What were the birds that attacked the peace doves?

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One was a hooded crow , and the other was a yellow-legged gull. Both are very common birds in Europe. The former is related to the American crow , while the latter is related to the herring gull that's so familiar on seashores and at garbage dumps. The crow and the gull are both omnivorous, which means they eat anything from discarded French fries on a parking lot to nestlings stolen from other birds' nests and carrion on a roadside.

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And both are bold birds well adapted to surviving around people—like, say, in Rome. So this wasn't a sign of the Apocalypse? Hey, I write about nature, not theology. But if I had to bet on whether this is the End of Times or just a couple of predatory birds doing what they do naturally, I'd choose the second as more likely.