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Battle of New Orleans.

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First Industrial Revolution. Henry Clay 's Missouri Compromise. Monroe Doctrine. Jackson and the Revolution of Nat Turner Rebellion. Panic of Manifest Destiny. The Alamo. Frederick Douglass. California Gold Rush. Compromise of Dred Scott. Lincoln-Douglas Debates. Sectional Controversy, War, and Reconstruction Slavery. Underground Railroad. Bleeding Kansas.

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Civil War. Radical Republicans. Disputed Election of Little Big Horn. Second Industrial Revolution Railroad Era. Thomas Edison. Nikola Tesla. Henry Ford. George Westinghouse. Labor Movement. Sherman Antitrust Act. Closing the Frontier. Wounded Knee Massacre. Spanish-American War. Free Silver. Jim Crow Laws.

Harry Houdini. Progressive Party aka the Bull Moose Party.

Mark Twain. Theodore Roosevelt. Panama Canal. World War I. The Negro Leagues. League of Nations. Black Sox Scandal. Harding Scandals. Charles Lindbergh. Stock Market Crash. Babe Ruth. Amelia Earhart. First One Hundred Days. Albert Einstein.

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Manhattan Project. Edgar Hoover. War in Europe.

Adolph Hitler. The Holocaust. Jesse Owens. Pearl Harbor. World War II. War in the Pacific. Rosie the Riveter. Truman and the Bomb. Postwar America Marshall Plan. Berlin Airlift. Korean War. Hollywood Blacklist. Cold War. Brown v. Board of Education.

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Rosa Parks. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Buddy Holly. Space Race. Nixon and Kennedy. The Vietnam Era Bay of Pigs. JFK Assassination. Lyndon B. Johnson and Civil Rights. Martin Luther King Jr. Muhammad Ali. Hank Aaron. Nixon , Kissinger , and Vietnam. Roe v.

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Oil Embargo. Iran Hostage Crisis. Reagan and Conservatism. End of the Century Marines in Lebanon. Iran-Contra Scandal. Fall of Berlin Wall. Persian Gulf War. Clinton and Impeachment. Election Turmoil in The New Millenium September 11, Afghanistan and Iraqi wars. Election of Economic downturn. Illegal Immigrants. Early America.