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I noticed in one you said,"I enjoy Uhtred's company, although I'm not sure he enjoys mine. Howard wrote his Conan stories. He stated he wrote as if Conan was sitting beside him telling him of his life. Robert said he could scarcely type fast enough to keep up. I was wondering if that's how you see Uhtred, of if Robert E.

Howard was ever an influence on your writing. Thank you for your time. Howard as an influence, though I did read his novels long ago.

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Of course sometimes they make terrible decisions and then I have to go back three chapters and force them to make another. My question is in the pagan lord did Sihtric Kjartanson leave Uhtred after the burning of his hall by priests? I am sure you get a lot of emails from fans but I just wanted to add my appreciation and thanks for the many hours I have spent reading your books. I think I have read nearly every book you have written now and have enjoyed each one within its own right. In fact make a point of rereading them periodically. This in turn led me to the works of G.

A Henty and I was curious if he was indeed an inspiration to yourself? Like most people I would love to write a novel but I do not seem to possess the artistic element or discipline to do this. I do have an idea for a series but do not know how to get started on such a venture and was wondering if you could offer some advice for a mere mortal on where to start. Also do you know when you will be publishing the last Uhtred novel as he has become one of my favourite characters that you have written about.

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Once again thank you for your indulgence and my heartfelt thanks for the hours of enjoyment that you have given me over the years. S Like you I am a transplant from UK to USA and if you ever find yourself in Milwaukee area then you would be most welcome to stop in for a proper cup of tea and some scones. I suspect my inspiration came from C.

But I really should re-read Henty. The next Uhtred novel will be published this year. Not sure about the last one yet Thanks for writing your King Arthur and Lord Uhtred stories.

For me I really like the way you merge real history with your ideas. I haven't read the Sharpe novels its too recent a history for me. I come from Coventry and have been interested in history for over 50 years. I was brought up with the history of the 2nd world war my mother is 96 and she lived through the Blitz so I never got to know about Coventry's more interesting medieval history!

Sound familiar. It also turns out that I was born in the grounds of a medieval monastery Whitefriars. It also turns out that the road I live just off is directly connected to the Gun Powder Plot. Also the Twins in the Tower as 2 Knights of the realm were hanged in at the top of the road, the site is now a pub! Not only that you may be interested to know that my road has direct links to King Arthur!

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I say with slight tongue in cheek but seriously 4 miles up the road is the home of Sir Thomas Mallory! Its amazing what history is all around you when you take a serious look. Anyway an idea struck me after seeing an interview with you online and that is 'What or Who' will you be writing about next, I know you have an idea but let me throw another idea into the mix. William the Marshall! He I would think ibe right up your street. An amazing warrior living through the most historic of times, again sound familiar? Anyway I hope you don't mind me writing to you.

You do live in a fascinating place!! But who knows? One day, maybe? Thank you. I hope this finds you in good health. I'm a long time fan and was wondering whether you might answer a question for me. Have you at all made your mind up as to where you're going to have Brunanburh take place?

Obviously, we're all waiting with bated breath for that final, glorious showdown and have been ever since the beginning I was giddy as a schoolchild when Uhtred received the prophecy at Buchestanes saying that 'seven kings would die'. But, as I'm sure you're more than well aware, it would be an understatement to say that the location of the battle is the subject of serious debate. I wonder if you've decided on whether to have the invaders land in the North West or to have them sail around Scotland and land in the North East. I suspect I'll just have to wait to find out!

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Thanks again for all of your wonderful stories, and for deigning to tell the story of England's birth in the first place. I have enjoyed all of your books and recently started re reading Gallows thief. After reading a couple of books by Edward Marston.

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I have to say i find your book a lot more entertaining and with a much better plot line and characters. Was that ever your intention? Or was it just good writing on your half that it manages to draw the reader in? Would there ever be the possibility of this ever happening as I know your already busy with the new Uhtred? It is never my intention. My job is putting words on pages not pictures on screens. If it happens that's great. And if it doesn't happen, it's still great! Hi I'm desperately waiting for another book in this great series The Last Kingdom are you writing one if so when will it be available?

I'm currently reading the Warlord Chronicles and thoroughly enjoying them.

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I've also read Agincourt and the Grail Quest series. My favorite is still the Saxon Chronicles, and I'd like to know when the 12th Uhtred book is coming out. Thank you for the many hours of education and entertainment you've given me. You're currently writing the next book of Uhtred's story. This is going to be the last one, or it will have another one? I suspect two. Would you consider writing a book with multiple first-person POVs?

Would you ever consider doing that on a somewhat larger scale in the future?

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My own feeling is that it distracts the reader. I just finished the Sharpe series took me about a month and was wondering if you intended to do another one on him, maybe in later life? Currently enjoying Uhtred's latest adventure, but I have to wonder about the name of main antagonist Skoll? Were you inspired by the name due to a particular lager advert featuring Hagar the Horrible?

Or did such a ruthless character by that name actually exist?