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As Johnny, Emory Cohen, whose winning, if unsubtle, performance opposite Oscar-nominated Saoirse Ronan in Brooklyn made that graceful romance sing, paints with appropriately broad strokes here too. Click here for cast and crew information.

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Skip to main content. Toggle navigation. Search FilmJournal. Industry Guides. FB FilmJournal. I soon saw that there were two classes of society: the suckers, like myself, who had come to take the town; and the slickers who had come to take the suckers.

Tribeca Review: Neo-Noir ‘Detour’ Starring Tye Sheridan, Bel Powley And Emory Cohen

Both groups were plotters and schemers and both on the verge of starvation. Ann Savage is positively on fire portraying the hard-talking, tough-as-nails young woman whom the perpetually unfortunate Al is unlucky enough to encounter on the road.

Nice Girl Does Noir: A Collection of Short Stories Audiobook by Libby Fischer Hellmann

Martin M. Goldsmith is not a name that gets thrown around enough when people talk and write about some of the better purveyors of classic noir fiction.

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Goldsmith not only wrote this superb novel that served as the basis of one of the better cinematic examples of the genre and he had a big role in the writing of the screenplay. He also co-penned the story that was the foundation of the classic film noir The Narrow Margin he got an Oscar nomination for that.

For good measure, the enigmatic Goldsmith contributed scripts to The Twilight Zone. Not much is known about the author, and this only makes him more interesting to me. But this much I can tell you: his novel Detour is an ace work of noir fiction. Brian Greene 's short stories, personal essays, and writings on books, music, and film have appeared in more than 20 different publications since Follow Brian on Twitter brianjoebrain.

Fantastic piece, Brian. Your piece has turned me around though. Thanks, Jake! So glad I finally got around to it.

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Ann Savage. A beautiful, nasty performance that still resonates with me. As I tour the used bookstores I will keep my eyes tracking for the book. Top review, Brian.

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Thanks, David. Yeah, Ann Savage is a force in that movie.

Some Detours to Detour | The Current | The Criterion Collection

I often quote her lines in everyday life. I have tried to find anything on this site about the Swedish version of The Bridge currently showing on Hulu Plus and has been showing on BBC — not the American version noooo. Thank you very much clare2e. I am going to try to erase my off-topic comment. Your email address will not be published.