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The factors for determining base building salary adjustments shall include Merit and may include:. The assessment must lead to differentiation in salary increases, at least between faculty members who receive different merit ratings.

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Performance planning and evaluation shall be the basis for determining merit increases. Categories of non-base building salary increases shall include merit incentive pay and may include:. Non-base building awards are intended to allow colleges to increase recognition for Exemplary performance without adding to ongoing salary commitments.

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System President Application This policy applies to regular faculty members employed by the state system community colleges. This program will focus on attracting, retaining, motivating, and rewarding a diverse, qualified, creative, and dedicated workforce. It will reflect the values, characteristics and mission of the University of Nevada, Reno which, as a state-assisted institution, bears the responsibility of administering resources devoted to faculty compensation in an efficient and effective way.

Classified staff compensation is governed by the Nevada Legislature and Governor's office.

The University recognizes the intrinsic value of benefits afforded to its employees in addition to direct salary compensation. These benefits include health and wellness benefits, retirement programs, quality of work life as evidenced by workplace conditions, staff, competitive salary and benefits, job security, safety and opportunities for development, and a challenging, empowering, and professional environment conducive to a high level of achievement in the context of an internationally recognized university setting.

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Within the boundaries of financial feasibility, faculty compensation shall be externally competitive and internally equitable and shall be based upon professional preparation and performance as recognized in the context of departmental requirements and expectations. All employees have an annual base salary or hourly pay rate. Base salary can be increased through cost of living adjustments and merit increases.

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  7. You can also look into alternative structures that are based more on what the employee can do and less on what the job description is:. Skill-based pay: Pay scales are determined by skill level, not job title.

    You create a list of skills necessary for each job and develop the criteria that signify the mastery of each skill. As your employees master the skill, they receive pay increases. Salaries and raises are based on how well employees acquire the core competencies needed for their positions.