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Then a brightness in the black of his mind, like a lance of biotic energy, shoots past his consciousness. It twists and warps upon itself, a folding of shiny blue layers of information, chaotic and orderly at the same time; it fumbles for a hold in the dark, but when it gets a grip, it spreads across his brain, down his spine, stretching far and deep, to his ribs, his heart, his fingers and toes.

When it starts to slow and solidify, the blue glow that once lit the darkness fades, but it is no less solid - it stays, almost confident in its own existence, with only a hint of self-doubt and something else, like fear or guilt, reflecting back at him. But only for a small moment. Liam stares at him, an odd look crossing his eyes before settling on something more neutral. You are not fully recuperated , SAM says.

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His voice is so clear and close that it makes Scott jump even as he struggles off the cot on the floor. SAM twists in his head, agitated. Be careful.

Cora takes his forearm and starts to lead him out of SAM node, her brow cocking upward. Liam walks on his other side, antsy. Cora starts to cajole him. It sets him on edge, his stomach heavy. You need more time, Scott , SAM says, hesitant.

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Slow down. It stops Liam and Cora in their tracks - their eyes land on him, worried and surprised at the same time. They do not want to answer , SAM says. Her voice is low, barely above a whisper. Liam and Cora both shake their heads. Scott takes in a deep breath and closes his eyes. You were clinically dead for twenty-two seconds. You were brought to SAM node so I could complete the transfer to you. Something sinks inside him, a lead weight falling through his boots into the floor. Dread itches up his spine. SAM is silent.

SAM is an anxious ball of energy in his head, curling and uncurling on himself, a river current unsure of where it should go next. Rest , SAM says, quiet and sad in his head. They are expecting too much of you in so little time.

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Not afraid of each other, but afraid of what would happen if they truly collided. Two neutron stars, orbiting but never coming in contact with each other , SAM says. For a moment he sounds like his mother, her voice weak and resigned to the fact that her husband and her children were never close. Not for lack of trying, but it seemed to her like Alec had children and cared for them right up until they were self sufficient, then let go, spreading them to the winds only to knock them down with his illegal AI research.

So much for a supportive father. SAM stirs in his mind, quietly attentive.

Create an account. His characters have portrayed massive amounts of vigour, strength, valour and of course taking risks. The Hulk is a prime example of why anger during a game will never be beneficial to any player. So if you wish to be aggressive and be someone who is angry at the felts, think again.

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Iron-man as we all know, has a keen sense of panache and style. Also he does play stellar poker. Iron man does have a sense of obsession where he forgets to eat or sleep. This is what many players tend to do and it can hamper their life, family and of course their health. Some players obsess over a bad beat and keep playing themselves into a rut.

So as a player, know when to balance yourself out. But that being said, that sense of morbid insanity cannot be healthy especially if you are a player on the felts. Obsessing over a bad hand or replaying a loss, will only make matters worse. Learn to walk away from the things that you have no control over, but also learn from those mistakes. Juggernaut is one massive mound of human. He has super human strength and of course his only reaction to everything is destroy.