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He co-chaired international working groups on: ultra-long range operations; controlled flight into terrain; approach and landing accident reduction; and reduction of ramp damage. His leadership helped define parameters for the safe introduction of ultra-long range aircraft into global operations.

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In , Vandel was awarded the Aviation Week and Space Technology Laurel Award for his work in eliminating controlled flight into terrain. He served in that position until he retired to become President of FlightStart Solutions in Jack Stockmann has over 35 years experience in corporate aviation.

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He then joined Xerox, where he held management positions within flight operations for 25 years. Stockmann changed the operating culture and significantly grew their client base. Jack Stockmann led the start-up of aircraft operations for Citizens Communications, where he oversaw the operation of Bombardier Stockmann followed that assignment by joining Atlantic Investment Management where he led all aspects of a start-up operation for the company including the purchasing process and the international operations fo their G-IV SP.

Jack has provided mentoring ot various companies to foster operational integrity, distinguished levels of service, and acute fiscal responsibility. Jack Stockmann is a Certified Aviation Manager. Jack Stockmann is an Airline Transport Pilot with 12 type ratings having flown over 19, hours.

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  7. Terry Yaddaw has over 30 years of successful experience in Business Aviation with over 20 years in various levels of management. His pilot experience includes 19, hours with seven type ratings in Business Jet Aircraft. This was the first time attempt with a corporate maintenance department and it became a benchmark throughout the aviation industry. He acquired and placed into service the first Corporate Regional Jet in a thirty-seat configuration for shuttle operations. Xerox achieved the highly acclaimed Baldridge Award and the corporate flight department scored the highest quality service of all 14 departments in the division.

    Management accomplishments with Bombardier Business Aircraft Training include complete start up of the organization with development of the organization structure, hiring of office staff, maintenance instructors and pilot flight training instructors. He was responsible for installation of full flight simulators and full certification of the FAA approved training programs. Prior to his association with FlightStart Solutions, Mark was president of his own company that provided FBO services and particularly aviation fuels support worldwide.

    He attempted to capture the members of the Justice Society out of revenge and place them in suspended animation using technology developed by the ISW member Brainwave , but was thwarted by the Golden and Silver Age Flashes Jay Garrick and Barry Allen , Barry travelling to Earth-2 after mysterious blackouts happened in cities where JSA members lived.

    Beet the Vandel Buster, Vol. 1

    He used a weapon to make them fight each other, captured Jay after the younger Barry beat him, and tried to capture Barry, trying to use an illusion to trap Barry in a suspended animation container. But Barry realised his trick and freed the heroes. This caused the JSA to revive. He was also one of the founding members of the Injustice Society , who were each assigned to capture or kill a JSA member and engineer five jailbreaks to each attack a location in an attempt to conquer the United States. While leading an army of prison escapees from Gartmoor prison whom he had incited to riot by dropping leaflets about the ISW from a plane, he attacked an airport where Federal planes were about to land, and captured Hawkman, before Green Lantern impersonated the Thinker during the 'trial' of the JSA and freed the JSA, who jailed the villains.

    He briefly formed a group of villains called Tartarus. After the events of the " Final Crisis " storyline, Savage found himself hardly affected by the event, aside from gaining more enemies. Yet, none would gain any more hatred from Savage than the supposed new Immortal Man, which was the mysterious Resurrection Man. Over time, Savage forgot many of his special powers, and never exhibited them to Barry Allen.

    After his recent fallout with the Justice League, Vandal Savage decided to take care of each member individually, starting with the newest Flash Wally West. A private investigator by the name of Harold Halston from Thermopolis, Wyoming had been investigating one Varney Sack at the request of a local realtor. Sack turned out to be Savage, and the immortal man killed Halston once he figured the private eye knew too much.

    He fell out of a window, but he disappeared before he hit the ground. Savage surfaced again later, this time selling Velocity 9, a highly addictive super-speed drug of his own creation, which interfered with much of the existing drug trade in New York. He put an ad in the paper that attracted successful yuppies, whom he used to do his bidding by giving them Velocity 9 so they could perform high speed crimes.

    However, these junkies aged at magnificent rates and suffered strokes very easily. Savage wished to use the heroin distribution network of mob boss Nick Bassaglia to distribute Velocity 9 to lawyers and stockbrokers, hoping to gain financial control of New York.

    However, Flash, who had gone looking for Bassaglia after he was kidnapped by Savage, was injected with Velocity 9. After giving him a short spurt of incredible speed, it took away his powers. Hoping that a second dose would make him another one of his junkies, Savage told Dr. Conrad Bortz to inject the Flash, who instead injected Savage, who ran away.

    He reappeared later, wanting money to leave the country. This money he attempted to acquire by kidnapping Rosie, the daughter of Wally's landlord, Mr. Gilchrist, with a ransom of five million dollars. He set many traps for the Flash, who was looking for Rosie, that led him to Barry Allen's grave, where Rosie was being kept. However, throughout all of this, Savage never showed his face. He is one of the main villains in the JLA: Year One storyline, working against the recently formed JLA, and harboring a deep hatred towards superheroes and the invading alien Appellaxians.

    During one confrontation with the aliens, Savage claims to have designed Stonehenge itself, which the aliens have just partially demolished. Savage also mentions that he shut down the Justice Society with "a few well-placed senators. Ultimately, Savage's enemy the Immortal Man erased himself from existence to save the world during the Crisis on Infinite Earths , and Mitch Shelley, the Resurrection Man , an amnesiac with similar powers which actually came from nanobots, took over as Savage's nemesis. However, Savage's list of foes is not limited to those two characters.

    Having lived so long, Savage has butted heads with possibly every single hero featured in the DC Universe, most notably the Justice Society of America and the Justice League of America. Original Green Lantern Alan Scott in comics, his very first opponent has been portrayed as one of Savage's main enemies, as well as the original Flash, Jay Garrick. It has been revealed that Savage refers to Hawkman — who has been reincarnated for a few millennia — as "the cockroach".

    Vandal () - IMDb

    At present, in DC universe, Savage is about 54, years old, although different numbers have been given in the past, from one million years in his first depiction, to 31, years in recent issues of JSA: Classified. In this series, it is learned Savage has a base deep inside the Egyptian Sphinx. A confrontation with Martian Manhunter leaves him with a burnt out eye, which seemingly afflicts him far into the future.

    Savage will possibly meet his end after he has lived to the year A.

    At this point, the time traveling hero Chronos is heard in the background, gloating about having conned Savage in retaliation for a previous adventure when Savage had him stranded in time. After being foiled or after defeating some thugs, Savage is known to return for bloodthirsty revenge. This time he had his eyes set on the Titans, a team he had nearly defeated before they ruined his plans for a nuclear assault. This time, Savage decided to form a team of his own. To do this, Savage kidnapped the Titans member known as Omen and forced her to recruit the perfect team for him using her mental powers.

    Though Omen did what Savage commanded, she secretly selected a team that would quickly fall apart. Their first mission was to find the H. Mistress known as Adeline Wilson so that Savage could use her blood in an immortality serum. After slitting her throat, Savage and his team were confronted by the Titans. Red Panzer died in the fight, but Savage and his remaining team managed to escape by shooting Cheshire and using her as a distraction, leaving her to be captured by the Titans.

    After learning the location of Omen, the Titans found her and engaged in another fight with Tartarus that quickly ended after Siren switched sides. Vandal Savage was seen in the final two issues of Villains United. Originally Savage was a member of Lex Luthor 's Society , but he quit the Society and told Lex not to contact him for any reason after Luthor blew him off to welcome some less than competent new recruits.

    It is also plausible that Vandal quit because his daughter Scandal Savage was working against the Society as part of the Secret Six. This was shown to be due more to ulterior motives than fatherly love, as in issue three of the Secret Six miniseries it was revealed Savage wants his daughter to produce an heir with Catman , and he's been putting bounties on the Secret Six's heads as a warning of what will happen to her lover, Knockout , if she refuses him.

    He actually even serves as one of its inner cabinet members. Savage was seen as leader of a doomsday cult. He attempted to use a device to pull an asteroid into the Earth, but was thrown into space with the asteroid itself when the Flash reversed the polarity of the device. His immortality completely drained, he is still able to survive otherwise fatal wounds, but a brain tumor and a strong decay of his biological function are leading him to a fast death, with an estimated life span of eleven days.

    ‘Smiley face’ vandal wasn’t smiling at his sentencing hearing

    Savage tries to capture Alan Scott by baiting him with a grotesque and disguised Wesley Dodds clone, who, in fact, is his own clone. After a failed attempt to steal Scott's DNA, Savage is left alone in the rubble of his former secret base. Realizing that his clone could be considered his own offspring, and that the blood of his descendants has always renewed his strength, Savage cooks and eats his clone, renewing his energies at least for another year. Savage returns in the first story arc of the new Justice Society of America , the mastermind behind a group of Neo-Nazi superpowered villains called the Fourth Reich targeting the heirs of several Golden Age superhero bloodlines, in the belief that eliminating the bloodlines will eliminate the heroes' legacies and allow him to continue his goal of reshaping the world according to his own desires.

    In issue 4, after a battle with Wildcat and his newly discovered son, who is revealed to have the ability to turn into a cat-like creature at which Savage is surprised which he claims to have not been in years, Savage is defeated when hit by a fire truck. He later reappears in Atlantis where he is revealed to have been behind the atrocities in Sub Diego and Black Manta 's occupation of the city.

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    He claims to have puzzled out the mechanical workings of the planet and used this knowledge to locate a "safe zone" without any of the predators that roam the rest of the world. He has placated some of the more willful of the females like Phobia and Cheetah by promising each of them that they will be his queen when he rules the planet. Ultimately, Savage escapes back to Earth along with the rest of the imprisoned villains following an attack by Parademons sent by Desaad who used the planet as a training ground.

    Gilla, Carl & Jack J 1993 7

    As he says to Lex Luthor, Vandal is willing to follow Libra in exchange for his heart's desire, an end to his boredom.