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Y ou can also order sage, crystal eggs, rose quartz and howlite wands said to help heal, encourage romance and relieve stress, FYI. Now you're a witch and the fact it's Friday the 13th, below is a spell for beginners that will repel negativity, bad people, and harm because who doesn't want that? Related: astrology , moon , witches , halloween. Toggle navigation.

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A Wiccan Guide to Moon Magic: the Lunar Cycle from New Moon to Full Moon and Back

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Use your intuition because this is the vital part of the ritual. The next morning, remember to pick up everything …. In the following days, drink that water. If you want to use this blessed water longer, you can refill the glass or jar.

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Like homeopathy, a single drop of water loaded with love, intention and the energy of the moon has in itself a spiritual power, which influences your body cells. Drinking it you will benefit from your intention that water brings well-being and love in those who drink it, the blessing of the Archangel Haniel and the energy of the full moon.

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Make a wishlist with your desires and leave it exposed in the light of the moon phase of the full Moon. Got it? The energy of the Moon will help the realization of your desires.

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Do this ritual with the certainty that what you ask will be realized. Since the Moon is full, the waning phase begins, which takes strength and energy from the earth. We will use it to remove power from negativity.

More Spells for Tonight's Waxing Gibbous Moon

For example, I want to get rid of this bad relationship with my parents — of this uncertainty in my future — of this anxiety — of this pessimism, of this job …. The first answer that flashes through your mind is the right one as you are going to use your higher self, your sixth sense, your intuition. Perhaps you will feel warmth or perhaps tingling in your hands. Stop for 5 minutes under the Moon and imagine its energy entering you. You will immediately feel a sense of well-being, a relaxation of the body part in tension or pain.

With these rituals, you can light up your spirituality, in which you can feel yourself in connection with the whole Universe, which supports you, loves you, and gives you everything you need.

Tonight’s Moon Spell

I studied it, and it was interesting, easy to read, and with some great tips to get started with magic in a unique beginners-friendly way! Spend some time to set your intentions and create a moment for yourself only. Use some candles, some incense or some essential oils, wearing a crystal of your choice or simply spending some time alone away from your crazy scheduled routine.

You can relax, let yourself go, trust the Moon, trust yourself, and work with the magic of the lunar phases! The important thing is not to miss the full moon dates.