Manual Observations from a Third-Story Window: and Other Stories (The Atlanta Series Book 1)

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I only know the one book in the series--it's about Mary Ellis Stebbins beginning her nursing training. Hope Newell, Mary Ellis series.

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This could be it, although the name is different than the person remembers. Hope this is it! Mary Ellis has a brother whose stage name is Steppin' Stebbins, so this may be a possibility. There's also a sequel, Mary Ellis, Student Nurse This stumper is definitely the Mary Ellis books by Hope Newell.

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Her nickname in nursing school is Tater. It probably appears in various other fairy tale books too. In some versions the girl makes a coat of rushes or donkeyskin to wear and this acts as a disguise from her father. There is a version of the story called Deerskin , by Robin McKinley. This might not be the same exact one that the requester posted since that was in the 70's and in an anthology, but the story is the same. Perhaps you may find it in an anthology of German Fairytales.

There are several fairy tales from different countries that have this theme as a story line. It would most likely be in an anthology of folk and fairy tales from around the world An updated version of this was releaced years ago, called Mossgown set in a Louisiana Biou. Both versions were the same story. A man has 3 daughters. He askes them how much they love him. The two oldest name precious things gold etc the youngest daughter told her father she loved him 'more than meat loves salt'!

He didn't understand, he drove her away. Much later, when his poor servant serves him a meal without seasoning esp without salt he realizes what she meant, how much she loved him, and how much she meant to him. She is the servant. She throws off her disguise and reviels herself to him. They are happily reunited.

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A character in this children's novel, set in early twentieth-century Hungary, tells a version of this fairy tale. This is probably some variation on the fairy tale Cap O'Rushes. Here's a website with versions of the story, including references to King Lear. A version of this well-known tale search for "love like salt" in any search engine and you'll see how many versions there are!

It's a wonderful tale! I saw it listed mostly as a Czechoslovakian tale, but also saw it listed as a tale from Greece. Ellis, Like Meat Loves Salt. There are a few versions out there, I've just given the author of one.

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It's Scottish? Joseph Jacobs' version is here. Also, you can see an analysis of some Cinderella variants here Rushen Coatie not included. I liked Jacobs' version for its smoothness of language, not to mention Cap O'Rushes' cleverness and independence and the fact that the women's general kindness to her doesn't hurt the story at all.

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Of course, maybe it came before the Perrault and Grimm versions anyway, so to speak! I was very annoyed when I. Edmonds took the riddle away from the female character and gave it to a man in Trickster Tales. Or so it seemed.

I remember this story, too. Could it be one of the stories from the Arabian Nights? This is a classic story told in many cultures, and is one that has always stuck with me. Many of the different versions of this story and the books from which they are taken are available here. There are many versions, some of which can be found here. Perhaps if you find the origin version of the folktale Russian, German, etc.

I also read this story in a school book. It's a more obscure fairy tale called Cap O'Rushes. The daughter tells the king that she loves him as much as fresh meat needs salt. There are several copies of the story on line. Frank O'Leary, Cappy Cardinal. Cute story about a little gray cardinal named Cappy. After he rescues a dove's babies, Mother Nature rewards him by enveloping him in the red stripe of a rainbow.

When the rainbow vanishes, he is left with a brilliant red coat, as a mark of his courage. It took several weeks for me to recieve a copy of Cappy Cardinal through an inter-library loan from another county.

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But, now that I have it, I know that the Frank O'Leary tale is absolutely the book I was looking for, the one my grandmother bought secondhand. I had no idea it was published two decades before I read it. Thank you so much for your help! I wish I would have known to post it long before I did and saved myself all the fruitless searching!

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SThe book is called Captain Ghost. Unfortunately, I can't remember the author's name. Published by Viking, , and reprinted at least four or five times up through the sixties. If you have or find a copy, we'd be interested.

Thank you. He used to be a sea captain and has all manner of ship things. Then at the end, something happens and the neighborhood try to make the chilidren tear down their 'ship'. There were several children involved. I'm thinking that the book may be from the forties or fifties; it may or may not have had a red cover. This is Captain Ghost again, isn't it? But they are constantly aware of being watched from the strange Victorian house where an old recluse lives.

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Soon they meet "Captain Ghost" who teaches them how to build and man a ship. How they share and finally solve a mystery that surrounded their new friend makes exciting reading. The book was set somewhere landlocked the prairie?

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  5. Is it possible that this is Mary Poppins? There is no meadow in Mary Poppins, but a lot of the rest seems to fit. Captain Ghost , mids. I remember this book as well! I've also been looking for it for ages.