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Auteur: Alan Sked. Uitgever: I. Samenvatting History remembers Wellington's defeat of Napoleon, but has forgotten the role of Field Marshal Radetzky in the battles which led to Napoleon's abdication and first exile in As Chief of Staff to the Allied Coalition of , Field Marshal Count Joseph Radetzky von Radetz determined the shape of the most decisive campaigns of the Napoleonic wars by inventing the strategy that in a matter of months defeated Napoleon.

Neither Russia nor Prussia had been able to overcome the Corsican in battle and the forces that these powers controlled between them in were in no position to challenge him in Europe. It took the brilliant diplomacy of Metternich and the military genius of Radetzky to ensure victory over the Emperor.

In short, the Austrian contribution decisively tipped the balance against Napoleon - a fact which has always been overlooked by historians. Later in Radetzky's career, in and again in , it was he who defeated a much superior army not merely to maintain the political and geographical integrity of the Habsburg Monarchy but thereby almost certainly preventing a whole continent from dissolving once again into war and revolution as it had in Yet, despite his impressive military record, Radetzky was not simply a commander.

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Radetzky : Imperial Victor and Military Genius. Alan Sked. History remembers Wellington's defeat of Napoleon, but has forgotten the role of Field Marshal Radetzky in the battles which led to Napoleon's abdication and first exile in Grab some fonts while you're here! Free Fonts! Case Studies.


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Sked, Alan. Radetzky: Imperial Victor and Military Genius

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