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Moreover, if the proper sock combination is not worn, the foot itself can become rather wet due to the inability of the foot perspiration to escape the lower rubber shell of the boot. Snow boots are really meant for people who spend lots of time outdoors during the winter. People who work on road construction projects in the mud, sleet and snow will find snow boots ideal footwear. As will farmers and ranchers to have to trudge through a wide variety of conditions during the course of a year.

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Even people who live in and around the cities will find uses for snow boots, such as using them for hunting or camping trips during the spring and fall. Snow boots are also ideal for skiers, too. By contrast, a winter boot is more of a "general use" item. A winter boot will, like a snow boot, have good insulation built inside of it to keep the foot warm during cold weather. Most good winter boots will also be waterproof or, at a minimum, water repellant. However, winter boots lack the ability to keep snow from tumbling inside the boot between the boot opening and lower leg.

Thus, to wear a normal winter boot in deep snow, a separate snow gaiter must be worn. The lack of a built-in snow gaiter is one of the best ways to differentiate between a "Snow Boot" and a "Winter Boot. Taking a waterproof winter boot into deep mud is a great recipe to have literally pounds of mud "caked on" to the boot. And sooner or later the water in the mud will begin to find a way to seep through the outer shell, eventually ending up on the foot.

Moreover, at the end of the day, removing all that mud from a normal winter boot is often a less than easy or desirable task. Instead, a winter boot is best used for what I would call normal daily activities that most people do in the winter. This includes such exciting activities such as shoveling the drive or the sidewalk, commuting, walking to work, walking downtown, driving, shopping, etc…A winter boot will accomplish these things in fine style while at the same time being lighter and more comfortable than a heavier and bulkier snow boot.

Hopefully, this page makes some sense to anyone who is reading it. All in all, what type of boot you get a winter boot or a snow boot , really comes down to what you will be using the boot for. For uses in wet conditions, deep snow and mud, a snow boot is pretty much mandatory as a normal winter boot will break down or be ruined in these conditions. The best type of snow boots are Sorel Boots, in my own opinion. For general winter weather conditions, there is a staggering amount of choices to choose from. One of the most popular, and warmest, winter boots are the newer Ugg Boots.

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Uggs are very comfortable, look great and are incredibly warm due to their all wool insulation. Other popular and quality winter boots are made by Columbia, Salomon and Kamik. Snow Boots vs. Winter Boots. Snow Boots. Feb 17, Rachel Grover rated it really liked it Shelves: picture-books. An imaginative picture book with rhyming, robots, and snow! Would be a great read aloud to elementary students and the possibilities of extension activities are endless. I like that robots are portrayed as children in this book but there are small changes like cereal with gasoline, or soaking in an oil bath instead of a water bath that make it fun.

Not appropriate for my MS library, but it's too cute to pass up for elementary. This has really cute drawings and funny rhymes. My 5 year old totally loved it. I would read it again. My 2 year old asks for it nightly!

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Jul 18, Lanyisha rated it liked it. This book was a good book. It put a twist on robots.

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I like how the author used character to bring life to the robots. The author did a great job of this. The robots seemed like real children on a snow day and like real moms and dads taking care of their children. The author even added character to the robots by showing the robot kids eating, what would be to humans, cereal in the morning before school.

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  7. I think that this helps the kids relate to the story. If it were just about robots doing robo This book was a good book. If it were just about robots doing robot robot things like taking scans of the earth and trips to different planets, then I don't think it would the attention of the younger audience as well as having robots eat cereal, play in snow and warm up by the fire place.


    The strategy I would take from this book would be to think outside of the box. You can add character to things that don't have life at all.

    SnowBots, Rockville

    So take advantage of that to make a story more interesting. Dec 15, Anna rated it really liked it.

    Rating: Yes Age: years Pros: The idea of robot children enjoying a day off for snow is amusing, and sure to delight boys and girls alike. Written in rhyme, the language is descriptive with hints of surprise. The illustrations are clear and easy to follow. The book progresses logically with a clear beginning, middle and end. Cons: The book moves through the story a little quickly at times, layering lots of action that is excessive and distracting from the main storyline. Usage: Could work for preschool and kindergarten storytime as well as independent reading. Jan 31, Teresa rated it it was amazing Shelves: picture-books.

    Looking for a new spin on these seemingly endless snowstorms? Although the rhyme is a bit clunky in spots, the ideas and imagery are unusual and fun: young robots prep for school by rubbing rust out of their eyes and having "cereal with gasoline". When school is cancelled, robots dash outside, "remote control completely lost. But young robots hope for tomorrow and -- more snow! YOU may have to stifle a groan at that last line, but kids will probably still side with the robots. Mar 21, Sarah W rated it really liked it Shelves: picturebookparty , picture-book , robot , winter.

    Snowbots is a winter story in a city filled with robots. Young robots rub rust out of their eyes when they awake. They are thrilled to get a snow day! They launch themselves down the hill in Scrapyard Park. They join in making ice sculptures, snow angels and more on their day off. Brain freeze is a real danger for these robots.

    Thank goodness the parents are there to rescue their iced-up children. Getting frozen has not reduced the love these children have for snow. Students could com Snowbots is a winter story in a city filled with robots. Students could compare their morning routines with those of the robots.

    It'd be fun for kids to make ads on the dangers of snow for robots. Jan 11, Tricia rated it it was ok. I wasn't wild over this book about robots having a snow day. The idea is clever but the delivery was lukewarm. Maybe too long? Maybe a stretch to reach the rhymes in the text?

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    Perhaps the visuals of the cannon shooting a robot to pieces Whatever it was, this isn't one that I would select for a storytime. Jan 30, Jackie rated it really liked it Shelves: picture-books , robots , humor , stories-in-rhyme , winter , snow. A fun, new 'mechanical' twist on every kid's joy and excitement over a snow-day. When the robot children have an upexpected day off, they pile on the warm clothes and head outside for some snow-angel, sledding, snowball throwing fun!