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The PCCAA tried to recover from this by seeking other sponsors, but the short window would not allow us to do so. We do have more sponsors lining up, but too late to make our deadline for this year.

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Therefore, we are pushing the awards show to next year. All submissions will carry over and two years of submissions will be counted, much like we did in our start up. Some of you have called, concerned about Nancy and me, as well as the city. I appreciate each one of you that did so. That is a testament of your cowboy cowgirl caring heart. Some have asked about the awards, if it would be moved to next year. That remains to be seen, but I am excited about the possibilities.

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This is not what I wanted, and I have been very saddened by it all. I was born and raised here and there has never been a flood of this magnitude on the Arkansas River and surrounding creeks.

You definitely ain't no cowboy!

This was like a science fiction movie at 42 feet. Now everyone knows why this cowboy lives on high ground. Please feel free to call me or Betty if you have any questions. The Bodleian Library , Oxford , has copies of a 19th-century broadside entitled "The Unfortunate Lad", which is a version of the British ballad. James Infirmary Blues". The song plays a prominent role in the book and film Bang the Drum Slowly , in which a version of the song is sung. The words from the title replace the words "beat the drum slowly" from the lyrics below.

The song is featured in the films Brokeback Mountain and Night on Earth. The lyrics are also indirectly the source of the title of Peter S.

Vince Gill recorded a version of three verses of the Irish ballad The Bard of Armagh which takes the same tune followed by three verses of this song on the album Long Journey Home , a compilation of songs about Irish emigration and the links between Irish and American folk and country music also featuring Van Morrison, the Chieftans, Mary Black, Elvis Costello and others, in The rhythms of the poem resemble the lyrics of the song, and the book Holes in the Sky states that his wife Hedli Anderson sang the poem.

The good gringo "el gringo bueno" sings the song incessantly, even in his sleep. The band from Circo de La Maravilla plays the song at Lupe's funeral. The Kingston Trio performed this comedy version as "Laredo? As I walked down in the streets of Laredo. As I walked down in Laredo one day, I spied a young cowboy dressed in white linen, Dressed in white linen and cold as the clay.

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Peter S. Beagle 's travelogue "I See By My Outfit" takes its name from this version of the song; in the book, he and his friend Phil refer to it as their "theme song.

Things are not going so well for ex-Cowboy Jason Witten on Monday Night Football

Allan Sherman also performed a parody of the song; his version was titled "Streets of Miami", and was about vacationing Manhattan lawyers. Doc Watson 's version, St. James Hospital, combines some of the "cowboy" lyrics with a tune resembling St. James Infirmary and lyrics drawn from that song, and contains the unmistakable "bang the drum slowly" verse. The song deliberately echoes "Streets of Laredo", beginning: [9]. As I was out walking the streets of Northwestern, I spied a young freshman, dejected and blue. And so when I asked him, "Why are you dejected? The words of the labor song "The Ballad of Bloody Thursday" — inspired by a deadly clash between strikers and police during the San Francisco longshoremen's strike — also follow the "Streets of Laredo" pattern and tune.

Fife in Songs of the Cowboys say,. There are hundreds of texts, with variants so numerous that scholars will never assemble and analyze them all. Johnny Cash's recording substitutes "dram-house" for the traditional "Rosie's," i. This bowdlerization renders nonsensical the next phrase, " One of the Fifes' sources "exaggerating somewhat, says that there were originally seventy stanzas, sixty-nine of which had to be whistled.

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Beat your drums lightly, play your fifes merrily Sing your dearth march as you bear me along Take me to the grave yard, lay the sod o'er me I'm a young cow-boy and know I've done wrong. My curse let it rest, rest on the fair one Who drove me from friends that I loved and from home Who told me she loved me, just to deceive me My curse rest upon her, wherever she roam.

Oh she was fair, Oh she was lovely The belle of the Village the fairest of all But her heart was as cold as the snow on the mountains She gave me up for the glitter of gold. I arrived in Galveston in old Texas Drinking and gambling I went to give o'er But, I met with a Greaser and my life he has finished Home and relations I ne'er shall see more. Send for my Father.

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O send for my Mother Send for the surgeon to look at my wounds But I fear it is useless I feel I am dying I'm a young cow-boy cut down in my bloom. Farewell my friends, farewell my relations My earthly career has cost me sore The cow-boy ceased talking, they knew he was dying His trials on earth, forever were o'er. Billy Bragg has cited [11] this ballad as the musical inspiration for his version of Woody Guthrie 's "The Unwelcome Guest".