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Be on the lookout for:. At the dealership, the finance manager may push an extended warranty. You can always buy one later. Advertiser Disclosure. How should I pay? Credit Score Needed to Buy a Car. New Buyer Tip. Use an auto loan calculator to compare loan offers. How to Get Preapproved. Compare Auto Lenders. Hard vs. Soft Credit Inquiry. Should I buy used or new? Compare the costs of buying a new car vs. How to Buy a New Car. How to Buy a Used Car. How do I pick a model? Build a list of three to five cars that meet your needs and preferences.

How to Pick the Right Car. Online Car Shopping. Resist the temptation to focus strictly on monthly payments to consider the long-term impact of your finance strategy, considering loan rate, interest paid, trade in, and even depreciation. Fees to Avoid. If you see additional "pre-delivery inspection," "delivery," "destination," or "dealer prep" charges on a second window sticker, you should refuse to pay them.

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Deciding between a used or new car? Here are the pros and cons of each.

Small cars. Pickup trucks. Luxury cars. Sports cars. All Cars A-Z.

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Popular Cars. Honda CR-V. Toyota Higlander. Subaru Forester. Toyota Camry. Audi Q7. Honda Accord.

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Mazda CX Toyota RAV4. Kia Sorento. At the Dealership. Car Pricing. Car Financing. Trading in Your Old Car. Closing the Deal. After the Sale. More Resources. Guide to Car Insurance.

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Guide to Hybrid Cars. Do you want new or used? Are you trading in a vehicle? Are you financing, leasing, or paying cash? How about protecting your investment with an extended warranty and insurance? To make matters even worse, dealers are very good a wearing you down. They know if they drag out the car buying process long enough, you'll get tired and buy a car on their terms just to get out of there.

It's a fact that some car purchases can take the entire day to complete. The sad thing is, even after taking all day to buy a vehicle you still won't know if you actually received a fair deal or not. Car dealer's prey on the uninformed, just dropping in to buy a car without first doing your homework puts you at a severe disadvantage. I don't know how many times I'd hear a customer say, "When I came in, I wasn't planning on buying a car today," right before driving off in their new vehicle.

The average gross profit made on these customers is much higher and is what makes if possible for a smart car buyer like yourself get such a great deal. The secret formula to getting a great deal when buying a new or used car is "knowledge. September is one of the best times of the year to buy a new car. Automakers provide a great mix of customer rebates, finance incentives and lease programs to help dealers move current year model inventory to make room for the incoming models.

Dealer's will do their share by running huge sales and spending thousands of dollars in print, television, and internet advertising leading up to the end of the year to get potential car buyers to their dealerships.

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Don't get caught up in all the hype! Take your time, do your research online, and use competition between dealers to guarantee you save money by paying the lowest price and getting the best deal possible. I can't thank you enough for putting this information on the web. You should sell this information or at least charge a membership or something. This is internet gold.

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Not sure why buying a car is such a freaking hassle. Thank goodness for sites like this. I bet the dealers don't like you much. I had no idea that interest rates were negotiable. Getting pre-approved first saved me a ton of money on my new "used" car. Thank you so much!!!! Have local car dealers compete for your business. Start an online bidding war between dealers from the comfort of your computer. Get local dealers to compete for your business by requesting free, no-obligation price quotes from the following online companies. Competition between dealers is the best way to ensure you get the best price.

You win when dealers compete! If you buy a car and later decide you can't afford to make the payments, you can return the vehicle and it won't affect your credit score. You are financially responsible for the vehicle and the terms set forth in the contract regardless of your situation. If you break your agreement by not making the payments or returning the car, you will be in default and it will seriously impact your credit report and score. The addendum sticker is an additional sticker created by the dealer that coordinates with the look and feel of the M.