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Sound is dynamic: always in motion, either going to or from somewhere. Every sound and every non-sound has its own discrete place in time, its own unique rhythmic slot, its own specific duration. Each must be a deliberate decision consciously chosen and consciously enacted by the singer [RLS]. Have events in the delivery room at the hospital. Each note one vote [RLS]. No orphans! Keep thinking motion to the right [RLS]. When taking a breath, shorten the note you leave, rather than adding extra time before the note that comes next. Only the singers can [RLS]. They are weightless transparencies: never let the audience hear them.

Paint all of it with sound, unless the composer wants a rest or the conductor asks for an articulation consonant, breath, staccato, etc. Good singing is good singing, no matter where it happens to take place. Or try hugging a tree, holding a beach ball under water, or allowing your spine to lengthen. It takes less work, not more, to move a lighter object than a heavier one. Never use more resonance than you can move in tempo.

Soft singing is just loud singing sung quieter. This allows the mouth, throat and other resonators to set themselves automatically [HVP]. Instead, let the bones hold you up and let the air fall into your body space [JJ]. All the notes on the piano are the same distance from the floor [HVP]. Snarl a little bit as you approach the bottom of your range [HVP]. Emotion without data is self-centered wallowing; data without emotion is robotic.

Both are essential for communicating meaning — which is our job.

Anything less is just mechanical precision — and less than human. The medium of art is technique [HW]. But technique without meaning is merely the act of a technician, and is ultimately sterile. Be artists, not technicians! Get the small things right and the big ones will follow. Write it at the top of your music; reference it before the piece begins. His first assistant conductor was an unknown college student named Robert Shaw.

John Finley Williamson was one of his students.

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While adequate time will be afforded to all at rehearsal to learn to sing this music, it is most considerate to our fellow singers, and will result in more fun actually singing the music if each of us does our utmost to learn notes outside of rehearsal. Technology has advanced so much that learning music on our own is quite easy. If you have access to a computer and the internet, there are a number of online resources to help you.

G. Scott Barton- Teaching Demonstration/Choral Rehearsal

For general reference, there are several websites that offer recordings of individual parts of many choral works using synthesized midi or piano. Here are a few:. That sometimes helps to learn tricky passages. If you save the free mp3 file, you can load it into iTunes, cut a CD, or load it onto your iPod. Charlene Ryan , Berklee College of Music Want to know why research in music education is relevant to your life and the lives of your students?

Come and join the conversation.

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A panel of leading experts in music education will present brief overviews of what scientific studies have revealed about a variety of essential topics for music educators. Why does research matter? Come to this session and find out! Also, who doesn't love free music? Advocating for a Music Technology Curriculum John Mlynczak , Noteflight, Hal Leonard Music technology courses allow any student to create music using modern composition tools.

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How do we advocate for adding music technology curriculums in the current education environment of assessment and student growth data? This session will provide information on starting a music technology program on any budget, and demonstrate how these programs link to a range of education standards and support student growth in all areas. Technology Clinic, Fri, Topics will include: maintaining a lifetime of inspiration; working on commission for ensembles across the US; publication; website; and the creative process itself. Meanwhile, her current work-in-progress is an orchestral suite commissioned by the Holyoke Civic Orchestra Holyoke, MA.

In-Ovations Lecture, Fri, By exploring a musical concept across other subject areas that authentically share the same concept, students are able to develop a deeper, more flexible understanding than would have been possible by study in just one subject alone. Each year, the NBSO's "Learning in Concert" program creates these connecting opportunities as we partner with 60 schools.

In this session, we will provide specific curriculum examples, where teachers can learn how to place classical music at the center of academic classroom instruction. General Music Clinic, Fri, To Music and Beyond! Pepper Music teachers are in the best position to promote student advocacy for creating future audiences and supporters of music.

Discover various methods of outreach and ways to engage students in making music a lifelong priority. This workshop will focus on the Ghanaian dance, Gahu. Participants will learn traditional drumming patterns, songs, and choreography by drumming, singing, and dancing.

The session is presented as it is taught to students, allowing participants to experience the pedagogical techniques used to teach this material. This innovative method, which uses American folk songs and original compositions by O'Connor, encourages improvisation from the very start. But, can this teaching method be incorporated into a public school string program? After piloting the method for two years, string students in the Lexington Public Schools say "Yes" to many aspects of the O'Connor method.

Come and see the materials that have been adapted for public school use and experiment with some of the large group techniques used to implement the program. Instruments with their players are welcome! Young Composer Master Class Marti Epstein , Berklee College of Music Students whose compositions have been selected for recognition at the conference will have the opportunity to work with composer and composition professor Dr.

Marti Epstein from Berklee College of Music. All students who have been selected to participate will be recognized with certificates at this master class session.

A Handbook for Beginning Choral Educators - PDF Free Download

In-Ovations Clinic, Fri, Kinh Vu , Boston University Music teachers often ignore hip-hop, because it falls outside the traditional Western art music canon. What if, however, rap and spoken word poetry were employed to engage students in composition and performance that promoted another mode of self- and group expression?

Students that write lyrics and compose beats about important issues will be positioned to make a life changing difference for themselves and others. In this workshop, participants will create rap and spoken word poetry, plot a course that empowers students in and through music, and critique the intersection of music education, social justice, and art as activism.

The Basics of How to Teach a Choir Song

In-Ovations Hands-On, Fri, Specific emphasis will be placed on collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and strategies for assessment and teacher feedback. Choral Clinic, Fri, If your school district is investing in iPad carts or a 1-to-1 student iPad model, there are easy and exciting ways to use this technology in your band, chorus or orchestra classroom.

Technology Sharing, Fri, Are you a brass player looking to expand your teaching toolkit? This workshop is for you! Alliance Brass leads participatory session will work through the basics of brass playing, from developing an efficient breath to creating a solid "buzz" on a mouthpiece. Techniques covered will provide both ensemble directors and studio teachers with strategies for supporting beginning students. Sponsored by Music Group. David Wallace for a hands-on clinic designed to help you teach improvisation, composition, and listening skills through the bar blues.