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When the ships were ready, they set sail, and, with prosperous winds, made for Ireland. Some of the men set up ropes and cords, and ladders in order to accomplish their goal; but none of these things were able to budge the stones at all. Seeing all of their efforts fall flat, Merlin laughed and then rearranged all of their devices.

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When he had arranged everything carefully, the stones were removed more easily than can be believed. Merlin then had the stones carried away and loaded onto the ships. Merlin thus proved that his craft was indeed better than mere strength. Bretun les suelent en bretanz Apeler carole as gaianz, Stanhenges unt nun en engleis, Pieres pendues en francis. Whiche now so hight the Stonehengles fulle sure Bycause thay henge and somwhat bowand ere.

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Battle of the Giants

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