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Animated short. Season 1. Season 2. Season 3.

The Grass Hisses: Dark Poetry for Troubled Minds

Season 4. If the sound continues it's more likely to be a bee than the other things you've mentioned and you might like to consult a local bee keeper for help. Thank you for your advice Alina. I'll check it again in the morning. I'd rather it bees than a rat or a snake. It seems too coincidental that 2 bees crawled out - we shall see and I'll keep you posted.

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It could possibly be the frog. They do actually scream like a baby crying. I know this to be true as my cat found one in my shrub border and I heard it for myself , They do this when threatened and it can be quite scary when you first hear it. If you google screaming frogs you will find info. Needless to say I removed puss and afore mentioned amphibian hopped it!

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  • Thank you for the updates. I have checked the site again this morning and the 'hissing' creature whatever it may be is still there and is still angry. Either way - I am leaving them alone. I hadn't considered Blue Tits - I have a lovely family of them in my garden at present.

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    Toggle navigation. Categories Discussions Sign in. Yes, they play together a lot and Moop grooms her. They are very cute together — but then, they pretty much all play with each other. This bunch gets along really well! I was wondering what interesting nicknames Fred has bestowed upon this batch of kittens?

    Buxton is Buster, because he reminds us so much of Bolitar from the Bookworms , whose nickname was Buster. I also occasionally call him Bucky. I love how Dexter is off in his own little world, distracted by Fort Pillow in the picture of Eliot giving you grief over the ceiling fan cord. It looks like it has tiers of plant beds. Low maintenance?

    Turtle- hissing

    Easily navigable? We have a lot of monkey grass, and it has a lot of weeds growing in and around it. The front lawn is grass, and it takes Fred about 10 minutes to cut it — which he loves, considering that cutting the grass at Crooked Acres took hours upon hours.