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The compilation tape he made me that changed the way I listened to music. The way he played guitar like nobody else did. He always held it more like a shovel than an instrument, disguising what his fingers were really up to. God knows how long he spent learning that technique.

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Still, he has the good taste to not point it out to you. Only Hubby plays guitar like that, communicating things that could never be talked about. He was a skater, I was a Divinity School dropout and our newly-formed bands shared a drummer called Thom Falls. A heap. It was an amazing party flat. There seemed to be a lot of acid around at that time and it was cheap. Cheaper than drink.

Hubby used to climb out of his window and walk along a thin stone ledge high above Argyll St to his absent flatmate's window, break in, borrow his Tascam 4-track recorder, spend all day making demos, then climb back along the ledge to return it before he got back. Then I saw an ad for a night called the Kazoo Club that a guy called Jim [Byrne, sometimes of swamp-rock livewires Primevals] was starting in the Bogle Stone. It was brilliant, but there weren't many people there.

At the end of the night Jim was like, 'right, I'm not doing this anymore', and we kind of said, 'well, this is the only gig we can get', so Alex [then going by the surname Huntley] volunteered to take over and run the night, and I volunteered to help out. I ended up doing the sound. It was free entry, and the only rule that we had for booking bands was that they weren't morally offensive to us.

We ended up quickly attracting this scene with loads of folk who couldn't get gigs anywhere else. AK: "There were some moments that seem grand in retrospect — Stuart Murdoch with an acoustic guitar, Mogwai's first gig, John Peel coming down to see Urusei Yatsura — but in context they were the norm.

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I remember having a drunken conversation with Emma [Pollock] one night, just after the first Delgados single came out, and she was going, 'we've just signed this band from Falkirk — it's these two guys, they sent us in a demo. They're mental. We really don't know if anyone's going to like it, but we love it. Bis did their first gigs there too — I remember when Chemikal put Bis out, and ['Kandy Pop'] did really well [25 in the pop charts, ], and we all sat round watching them on Top of the Pops.

It was my first-ever release and Alex's first-ever release, and both of us do our very best to make sure nobody ever hears it. I think Alex destroyed what copies he had. Each seven-inch came with a vegan beetroot recipe. Sometimes you could get another tenner on your Giro if you went on these courses, and one of them was absolutely brilliant. It was called Beatbox, and it was basically a recording studio and you could go and learn how to be a sound engineer.

Stuart [Murdoch] went to Beatbox. They recorded the Tigermilk demos there, and the original line-up of Belle and Sebastian was people who were on that course. And Alex was there. The Blisters turned into The Karelia, and we did a load of demos for the Karelia album.

I recorded and produced loads of stuff in there. Oh, and Gilded Lil. That was the most mental session I've ever done. Gilded Lil were a blues-punk dervish: beloved of Peel and frenzied of performance. It was his first official album production job. We'd occasionally leave the 13th Note to play other places like Edinburgh or even Aberdeen.

There was a guy called Jeeves who used to put on illegal festivals up the East Coast. He'd send you a photocopy of a hand-drawn map of the location of a farmer's field near Stonehaven through the post. We'd turn up and they'd have squatted the field, set up generators, a stage and dogs. Lots of loose dogs.

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Hubby had a dog called Django at the time, a chocolate brown foxy mongrel. He never quite accepted he'd lost it.

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Hubby would take him for a walk. He'd lift his remaining leg to piss and land in a terrible state. Do not underestimate the magnitude of canines in Scotland's indie lineage. Hubbert styled his debut solo album, First and Last, as an instrumental record about "death, mental illness, love and a dog by the name of D Bone," and it opened with an eloquent flamenco-tap raga called, 'Hey There Mr Bone'.

The Snake and the Salamander

The aforesaid Bone also starred in a recent newspaper photo-shoot, which prompted Mogwai's Stuart Braithwaite to issue the following plea via Twitter: "Anyone fancy putting up the photo of rmhubbert's dog D Bone from today's Herald? He's my dog Rambo's brother and Princess's son. They were hardcore.

Hubby became the singer and guitarist. He went on long, long tours. He'd come back and tell us how he'd celebrated his birthday in a car park in Warsaw where they were camped for a week with nothing to eat apart from a carrier bag full of tangerines someone had given them, because the Belsen gig had fallen through. We were so fucking jealous. The next decade or so is well-documented.

Kapranos "formed another band [Franz Ferdinand], disappeared for a few years and didn't see a lot of my friends — including Hubby — for a long time". The overlord later finds out his error. Two of the three stories are similar in many other details, including the ruler's name, Abimelech.

The first episode appears in Genesis Abram later called Abraham is pressured to move to Egypt in order to evade a famine. Because his wife also his half-sister , Sarai , is very beautiful, Abram asks her to say that she was only his sister lest the Egyptians kill him so that they can take her.

On arriving before the Pharaoh , the Egyptians recognise Sarai's beauty, and the Egyptian princes shower Abram with gifts of livestock and servants to gain her hand in marriage. Sarai thus becomes part of "Pharaoh's house", but God sends a plague.

Pharaoh restores Sarai to Abram and orders them to leave Egypt with all the possessions Abram had acquired in Egypt. Genesis narrates the story of Abraham emigrating to the southern region of Gerar , whose king is named Abimelech. Abraham states that Sarah , his wife, is really his sister, leading Abimelech to try to take Sarah as a wife; however, God intervened before Abimelech touched Sarah. Abimelech complains to Abraham, who states that Sarah is his half-sister. Abimelech then restores Sarah to Abraham, and gives him gifts of livestock and servants by way of apology, and also allows Abraham to reside anywhere in Gerar.

Abimelech also gives pieces of silver to Abraham to reprove Sarah by a " covering of the eyes ". Abraham then prays for Abimelech and the king and his wife and concubines are able to conceive children; they previously could not. The third episode appears in Genesis Here it is Isaac who, in order to avoid a famine, emigrates to the southern region of Gerar, whose king is named Abimelech.

Isaac has been told to do so by God, who also orders him to avoid Egypt, and promises to him the fulfillment of the oath made with Abraham. Isaac states that Rebekah , his wife, is really his sister, as he is worried that the Philistines will otherwise kill him in order to marry Rebekah. After a while, Abimelech sees Isaac sporting Hebrew "mitsahek" with Rebekah and states that she must be Isaac's wife rather than his sister.

Abimelech then orders that Rebekah be left alone by the denizens of Gerar, on pain of death. Isaac goes on to spend a year in the area, and becomes wealthy, leading the Philistines in Gerar to envy him, so Abimelech sends Isaac away. The Jewish Encyclopedia 's article "Sarah" notes that. Political marriages were common occurrences in the Ancient Near East , which typically meant that a resident alien would offer one of his daughters to the monarch as a diplomatic action and to protect himself and his family. Hoffmeier interprets the wife-sister narratives found in the Book of Genesis as reflecting that practice; in his view Abraham and Isaac were traveling in foreign territory without any daughters to offer the local ruler and attempted to create similar diplomatic relationships by presenting their wives as potential gifts.

From the perspective of source criticism, these three accounts would appear to be variations on the same theme, with the oldest explication being that in Gen. However, it has also been proposed that similarities between these narratives is because they are oral variations of one original story.

Recently, it has been thought that the second and third accounts were based on and had knowledge of the first account. According to critics, such as T. Alexander, there are different theories about the sources but none can be proven to be flawless. Additionally, scholars have also argued that the three tales are not true historic occurrences, rather purposeful tales. According to Niditch, there is one wife-sister story that has many different versions, but there are inconsistencies and they all refer back to the same story.