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Closest to Rose Cottage are firstly the beautiful Kingsbarns beach which has masses of space and a handy car park right beside it. Secondly Crail has a great little sandy beach right beside the historic harbour — ideal for playing in the sand and watching the boats coming in and out. Other legendary beaches in the area are the dramatic West Sands beach in St Andrews and Elie beach, where you might even catch a game of cricket being played. Another beach-side great is the playpark and outdoor gym at East Sands beach in St Andrews, including pirate ship for mini adventurers.

Your little ones will see lots of birds, butterflies and maybe a bunny or frog in the Rose Cottage garden. In the fields at the front of the cottage they might encounter a pheasant or even a herd of deer though they are quite shy! The good news is that most places are pretty accommodating and will almost always have a high chair if you need one, though not always a kids menu.

The cafe at The Byre theatre has an area with kids toys and books. No play area as such but plenty of grass to run around on by the outdoor tables while peaking at the cows in the field. Mega Maze and large Funyard which is jam packed with fun outdoor activities from go carting to trampolines to peddle tractors.

From June the pick your own season starts including delicious strawberries and raspberries, sunflowers and pumpkins. When an epidemic of terrible plant disease begins sweeping the earth, she must form an unusual alliance with four of the Fairies of Necessity: Mistletoe, Nettle, Hemlock, and Nightshade. The Fairies of Necessity were created for very different purposes than most fairies, and they don't usually solve problems or fix things like traditional fairies.

The Fairies of Necessity have jobs such as decay, defense, killing off weak members of plant species, controlling insect populations, and keeping things balanced in nature. Aloe, Snapdragon, Ginger, and Periwinkle must team up with the Fairies of Necessity to locate the legendary Spring of Hale, a source of magical healing water, to stop the plant disease from spreading further. The adventure includes a visit to a magic treehouse and a graveyard. During their dangerous journey, the fairies encounter two talking insects - a caterpillar and a walking stick.

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They also meet a charming stranger before eventually facing off with Putresce, the Spirit of Decay and Disease. With the exception of Primrose, just back from an out-of-town visit to her grandparents, all of the fairies are acting completely opposite their normal characters. The special gifts that make fairies like little superheroes seem to have disappeared. Cinnabar, with her extraordinary night abilities, is afraid of going out after dark. Harlequin, the fairy of jokes, can't stop crying. Blue, an excellent swimmer, is suddenly afraid of the water.

And Dove, the fairy of peace, can't seem to keep from getting into arguments. Even Madam Toad is acting strangely: The fairy leader can't seem to make a decision. Pumpkinwing, Teasel, and Primrose must work diligently, without any guidance from fairy mentors, to solve the mystery of what has happened. Three brownies also join in the effort to help put things right. Along with Madam Shrew and Milkweed, she welcomes visitors Pumpkinwing, Teasel, and Firefly to a special fairy circle.

A great many trolls live in the far North region. Trolls are ordinarily confused much of the time and are not too smart. Keen is unique among trolls because he is brilliant.

The fairies set out on a mission to consult Mr. Keen about a problem involving a lost ogre child named Tad. Then they must seek out a rare troll butterfly to help lead the rock-throwing, tantrum-prone Tad home to his family. During this adventure, we learn the history of toadstool rings; and the fairies conduct an important toadstool ring experiment to benefit their local troll friends.

Along with Calliope and Pumpkinwing, Teasel discovers the secret of a magic dresser and a tiny witch in a bottle. The fairies must work diligently to solve the three mysteries, and to help break a curse to free the witch. When two fairies disappear, she must find a way to locate them in the Land of Bliss, and bring them back without getting trapped there herself.

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With the help of a magic clock, and her friends Rosemary and Teasel, Calliope travels through a portal in a white poplar tree stump. In a somewhat mixed-up, time-travel adventure, the fairies actually meet their leader, Madam Toad, as a young fairy. She helps them free their friends from the Land of Bliss and seal the doorway to prevent other fairies from becoming trapped in the magical land where no one cares about anything.

Without the Basket, caring and kindness would not exist.

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But the old woman has to continually work on the Basket. If she ever stops constructing it, all understanding will be lost to mankind. Similarly, an old man, who is a friend to the old woman, must constantly weave the Blanket of Comfort that produces security and ease for all creatures of the earth. The fairies must try to find a way for the woman and man to finish their endless tasks. For this purpose, they seek out a matchbox genie. During their adventure, the fairies also discover how sphiloxes - elf fairies of light - are born.

Winterberry, a fairy who never ages, is forever trapped in the garden. Jack Frost, the Spirit of Winter, cast the icy spell on the February Garden eighty-five years ago to keep Winterberry from ever leaving. Winterberry's only companions are Hoarfrost and Snowflake - a groundhog and an ermine. With the help of three magical spirits, Honeysuckle tries to convince Jack Frost to lift the spell.

In this tale of longing and desire, Honeysuckle learns that letting go is sometimes the best way to hold on, and that only trust and compromise can lead to true happiness for Jack and Winterberry. The many pools of the ship contain freight such as mules, tools, jewels, stools, rules, and ghouls.

When the captain of the Ship of Pools abandons his vessel, Sandpiper and her friends must find a way to make the cargo deliveries. Without a skipper, this trip is destined to be the ship's final voyage. But by a strange twist of fate, the fairies are able to find a new crew for the magical Ship of Pools. She is also the fairy of superstition.

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Her aunt is the famous singer, turned talk-show host and novelist, Prima Della. Prima Della is married to the handsome soap opera star - Top Strawberry. And the couple has a golden retriever named Big-Wag. Prima and Top are extremely superstitious, and even attribute much of their fame and success to careful observance of many important rituals. Unfortunately, their obsession with superstition draws the attention of an evil spirit. When Paltry Trifle, the Spirit of Obscurity, sets out to try to ruin the celebrities, Brandtii and her fairy friends come to the rescue.

With Big-Wag's help, the fairies turn the tables on the evil spirit, and save Prima and Top from both obscurity and too much superstition.

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The Purple Ibex basically a fancy purple goat is the source of all creativity and imagination on earth. Under a terrible curse enacted by the Demon of Dull, the Purple Ibex is slowly dying. If Ginger doesn't find a way to save his life, all artistic and creative endeavors on earth will be lost. Unfortunately, Ginger is the only one who can see the purple creature. Since her friends aren't able to see the Ibex, they all think the goat is only in her imagination, so they are not willing to help look after the sick animal. On her own, Ginger diligently and desperately struggles to care for the Ibex, as all creativity and imagination in the world begins to fade.

When nothing she does seems to make a difference, Ginger almost manages to convince herself that the goat is part of her imagination - almost, but not quite.

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With the help of an undine a water pixie named Ren, Ginger's resolve is strengthened. When she doesn't give up, her friends gradually come to her aid. Only with a massive team effort are the fairies able to find a way to break the curse and save the world from an eternity of dullness. However, the Realm of Hollowness is a becalmed area, bewitched by a powerful stillness; and the small bit of magic that exists there cannot be stirred to use.

When six fairies are mysteriously trapped in the Hollowness, they can find no way of getting out; and their magic is completely dead and useless to them. Getting no help from a trow, a boggan, and a fachan - also trapped in the Hollowness, and also without the ability to use their own types of magic - the fairies must find something even more valuable and special than fairy magic to help them escape.

Events and discoveries that take place in the becalmed area lead the fairies to ponder another mystery - what else the Realm of Hollowness might be. However, when the girls meet a polecat named Sniggerbly Wiskerfink, he puts their charitable and caring feelings to the test by sending them on numerous pointless errands and fruitless tasks. Again and again, the girls are convinced that they must help the polecat: His urgent requests and pleadings are so imperative that his dire needs must be genuine!

During this crazy adventure of seeking useless items that include Life's elusive Bowl of Cherries, pink pickles, chartreuse pinecones, and even Mrs. Astor's pet horse, the fairies are actually persuaded to chase a goose. Unfortunately, Sniggerbly Wiskerfink has asked for help so many times when he didn't really need it and sent others on endless useless pursuits for so many long years, no one is willing to come to his aid when he truly finds himself in trouble. Larkspur and Alyssum appear to be his only hope. But has the polecat burned these bridges too?

Christmas is often a time of dreams and fancy. But this Christmas, the Council of Dream Wizards, who are responsible for providing dreams for the whole world, have lost faith in mankind's ability to believe in dreams. Two members of the Council are sent on a journey in search of true dreamers. When the Dream Wizards lead Clover and her friends into a bizarre cycle of dreams, the fairies take a fanciful journey of their own and encounter things like a skateboarding pig and a house made entirely of feathers. In order to be released from the puzzling dream loop, the fairies are asked to make a series of difficult choices leading up to a dangerous situation that forces them to trust without reason, believe in themselves, and make a leap of faith to save their lives.

As her special fairy gift, she is a master of detail, intricacies, and patience. There is so much confusion, no one can understand anyone else. Arabesque, Thyme, Calliope, and Pumpkinwing must find a way to put Clack Palaver back in his prison before the ability of human beings to communicate with one another is lost forever.

Harlequin, Marigold, Arabesque, and Teasel also join the effort. The fairies embark on a fantastic flying-dollhouse-journey, which includes visits to other "little" people in the Colony in the Clouds, the Inn of the Cliffs, and the Township in the Treetops. The magic dollhouse and its occupants even survive an encounter with a ferocious air-crocodile in their race to reach the safety of the Miniature City of Nestlehaven. She doesn't particularly want to be a fairy. She already knows exactly what she wants to do with her life, and it does not include being a fairy.

Having a fairy spirit is too much extra responsibility and would take time away from other important things.