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Friday preceding Easter until p. Wednesday preceding Thanksgiving until p.

Christmas Eve. In even-numbered years , , etc. Friday preceding Memorial Day until p. Friday preceding Labor Day until p. January 1. The holiday visitation schedule set out above is to be observed whether or not it coincides with the regular every other week visitation schedule and is in addition thereto.

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However, it is intended that the holidays alternate between custodial and non-custodial parents. Therefore, on those occasions when non-custodial visitation is ordinarily scheduled on a holiday set aside to the custodial parent, the non-custodial visitation shall not take place. With respect to Father's Day and Mother's Day, if the father is the non-custodial parent, and if Father's Day falls on a weekend not regularly scheduled for paternal visitation, he shall have visitation on Father's Day from noon until p. If Mother's Day falls within a weekend of the father's visitation, he shall return the child or children to the mother at noon on Mother's Day.

If the mother is the non-custodial parent, the reverse shall apply. The non-custodial parent shall have summer visitation from a.

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June 15 until p. June 30 and from a.

Every Other Weekend

Week 2 — Saturday p. Week 3 - Friday p. If the parties cannot agree, the parenting time will take place on every Monday and Wednesday from p. If the parties cannot agree, the midweek visit will be Wednesdays from p. That is, both parents will probably find that they are spending less time with their teenager s. Parenting time is expected to take place weekly, with days and times to be agreed upon between the adolescent and the parents parties. If the adolescent and the parents parties cannot agree: For ages 14 and 15, parenting time will be every other weekend from Friday after school as soon as the non-residential parent can pick up the child until Sunday at p.

For ages 16 until age 18, the parenting time will be every Wednesday from p. Week 3 — Friday p. The non residential parent shall bear the cost of transportation to the mid-week visits. Summers For Local and Regional Parenting Plans Non-residential parents shall have five 5 weeks each summer to be scheduled two weeks in June, two weeks in July, and one week in August unless the parties agree otherwise.

The two week periods will be divided by a residential parent weekend. The mid-week parenting time shall be available to both the residential and non-residential parents in their respective weeks. Each parent shall be entitled to designate two 2 of their weeks as uninterrupted time without mid-week visits, upon giving fourteen 14 days written or electronic notice to the other parent.

If the child ren are not school age the five 5 weeks may be scheduled at any time during the year. Both parties shall notify the other in writing at least three months prior to the date they wish to exercise their time. Each party shall provide the other with a general itinerary and contact phone numbers if they plan an out of town vacation with the child ren.

Holidays The non-residential parent shall have parenting time every year from December 27th at noon until December 30th at noon.

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The long distance schedule is an exception to this provision. When the non-residential parent's regularly scheduled weekend parenting time coincides with a residential parent's holiday enumerated in this section, then the residential parent's holiday shall control and the non-residential parent's regularly scheduled parenting time shall be made up the weekend following said holiday.

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The child ren shall celebrate his or her birthday in the home of the residential parent, unless it falls on a non-residential parenting time day, and the other parent can celebrate at another time if desired. Parent's Days: The mother shall have parenting time from noon to p. The father shall have parenting time from noon to p. Unfortunately, a decision by a judge or magistrate may not please either party. Each relocation case is unique, and the right decision is based on the specific facts for each family.

Parents should make a serious effort to resolve a parenting time dispute themselves or with the help of a mediator, or an attorney. Any reasonable agreement between the parents negotiated in good faith is usually better than having a judge decide the matter after the expense and stress of a court hearing. A parent who wants to move a long distance with, or without, a child should think about many things before making a decision.

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Long distances often weaken the relationships between children and parents. If the move is necessary, parents might want to consider relocating both households to the same city. The court considers many factors, and parents should think about these factors. How would I feel if my child moved away to another city? If both parents are within a reasonable distance of each other, the child will benefit. When both parents move to the same general area, it is less disruptive.

No matter the distance, a child will benefit from as much regular and frequent physical contact with each parent as possible.

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If the parties have more than one child and the children fall into different age categories, parenting time will be controlled by the age category in which the oldest child falls for all children at issue, unless otherwise agreed by the parties or ordered by the Court. Birth to Kindergarten This is an important time for bonding between parents and children.

For most children, the loss of a strong bond is a lifelong issue. If possible, the long distance separation should be delayed so that both parents and children can make best use of their time together during these formative years. If the parents cannot agree, the following schedule shall control. Upon thirty 30 day notice to the residential parent the non-residential parent may exercise any of the times granted under the Local schedule.

Up to eight 8 weeks per year in four 4 separate blocks of time lasting two 2 weeks each. Unless otherwise agreed, parenting time shall occur February 1st through 14th, May 1st through 14th, and August 1st through August 14th.

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Additionally, parenting time shall occur in odd numbered years from December 1st through 14th and in even numbered years from December 14th through December 28th. Kindergarten to Age 18 The parties should continue to make the most of the time each parent has with the child. If parents can find a school with such a schedule, this will be of assistance to children. Parents need to remember that as children get older they may be less likely to be in favor of spending large blocks of time due to their own activities.

Up to eight 8 weeks during the summer break commencing a week after the last day of school and ending no later than a week before school resumes in the fall. Every spring break from PM on the last day of school before the break until PM the day before school resumes. One half of every winter break. The non-residential parent shall exercise parenting time the first half of winter break in even numbered years and the second half of winter break in odd numbered years.