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This sets kids up to be adults who practice "the silent treatment," or otherwise withhold love, which is particularly harmful to relationships. Instead, investigate and be curious about why they are behaving in a way that makes you want to separate them. When you are done, come and get me. Children quickly learn that dog is all bark, with lasting negative consequences for you and them.

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For example, "Aunt Mae will be arriving soon. She will want to hug you and will be excited to see you. Giving kids choices helps them feel safe. The child ends up with a feeling of always being judged. These are veiled manipulations that turn children into people-pleasers seeking external validation. Show them how to listen to others by listening to them. And remember that spilled milk is no where near as important as them knowing that they are loved without exception.

I struggle with the execution of the content…. There are the words I wish every parent could hear… they should be read, heard, seen, every day.

27 Things You Should Say to Your Kids Every Day

We as parents try so hard, and yet we forget the simple fact that our kids learn everything from those around them. Most times I feel like a horrible mom, especially when I lose my patience with my son. But I thank you for reminding us that there are better ways….

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Hi there, great article! Thanks for this article. I try my best to be positive with my daughter, even when she is misbehaving. I told him that she will start associating herself with that word if we use it, so now he really tries not to say that. This is wonderful. I loved reading this article, and wish I could say I am like this. I do love my children more than anything, but sometimes I find myself shouting at them for not listening to me. I have used the word stupid and instantly regretted it.

When I think back to occasions where we have had a shouting match it really upsets me and makes me wonder what my kids must think. I have vowed from this day I will be a happy positive mummy and not shout or bark orders but talk to my kids, give them some leeway and most importantly have fun with them.

Thank you for your article Emily Mummy of a 3 and 4 year old. My heart is breaking, knowing that my awful words, looks, tone are becoming their inner voice. I want my beautiful, talented, spirited girls inner voices to scream from the mountain tops: I am smart, I am beautiful, I will rock all of my adventures; nothing can slow me down! I want them to be courageous and kind. I want them to find themselves in the service of others. Thank you so much for this post! I question my parenting skills everyday…this post is definitely an eye opener.

I have never insulted my children; but I have yelled and have probably expected too much from my little ones.

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  • However,I also tell them how much they are loved often. I will be putting your advise to use immediately. I will also sign up for emails and look forward to learning more. Want I want most for my children is for them to know that they are loved, that they feel safe, that we will always be there for them and them to grow into independent, caring members of society. I am positive your blog will help us on this journey?

    I was raised very strictly and my parents were often abusive, though to this day they still insist that some of it was proper parenting as passed down by their parents. Partially due to genetics and partially due to my childhood I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, severe chronic depression, and bipolar disorder. I do not want my sweet girl to grow up to be like me, her life forever blighted by mental illness because of something I did wrong.

    So thank you for this post. I have shared it with my husband and we will start trying to use loving words that build up instead of words that tear down. God help us all! Excellent read up……Every parent has a responsibility to make their lovely kids into a loving and kind adult.

    64 Positive Things to Say to Kids

    Parents are the first teacher, I realised this when my 2 year girl shouted on me back — the lesson I learned from that one small incidence was that toddlers do exactly what we elders do. From that day — I never shouted on her and it worked. I agree that there is always a better way to teach them. Thanks for reminding me this again because with my son now u needed to be more patient. I know this is one specific area where God is wanting me to change. I have learnt that we should also ask our children forgiveness for specific times where we were verbally abusive or cruel or unkind.

    If we dont do this they will be adults with so much baggage and only establish the source much later in their lives. To set up an evening of washing our childrens feet, repenting and asking their forgiveness will bring restoration. Last year during our Church fasting I attempted to being the Holy Spirit to my family.

    This year I am praying thatcthe Holy Spirit will change me into the wife and mom he wants me to be. Right on! I LOVE carrying my 4 year old.

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    Im so glad to see im not the only one still does this. I love to carry my four year old and do so whenever I can. I love that he still wants to snuggle on the couch under a blanket on weekend mornings or at bedtime when I read to him. I have 5 year old twins.

    Your children do not love you

    When they grow up they will BOTH be grown up. Their lasts will happen right around the same time. I hold them every single second I get and I love how it feels to have them wrap around me when I carry them. So, you go mama! Keep carrying those babies until they say no more. My oldest child was one the last time I carried him…. I really do not care how other people feel when they see me carrying my five year old, two old or one year old. If I had my way I would carry my children down the aisle on their wedding day because you never know when or why you may never carry them again.

    Bless you hun, he is definitely watching over you and his other siblings. Losing a child is heartbreaking. Thank you for sharing. Im sorry for your loss. I love your article!

    I have a 7 year old and I carry her to bed, call her my baby and carry her around when I want to. Whya re you carrying her, she is a big girl. I love my in laws, but this one thing gets to me so much. She is my baby, she will always be my baby and I will call her that even when she is 30 and 40 years old. I will carry her until she is too big to carry and then I will cry because I cant. I ask her if she wants me to call her my baby and if she thinks she is my baby and she replies that she is and she knows that i ma not calling her a baby, but my baby.

    They grow up too fast.